Pb. Essays

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A searchlight on America. Lond. 1930.

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 Famous books: sketches in the highways
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 D. H. Lawrence. Lond. 1930. 43 p.

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 Israfel: the life and times of Edgar Allan
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 Art, life, and nature in Japan. Bost. 1933.

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 Humour and fantasy. Lond. 1931.

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 How to do it. Lond. 1928. 152 p.

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 Rousseau and romanticism. Bost., &c. 1919.

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 Essays or counsels, civil and moral. Lond.,
 &c.  ISH-Pb9

---- The moral and historical works, in-
 cluding his essays, apophthegms, wisdom of
 the ancients, New Atlantis, life of Henry
 VII., &c. with an introductory dissertation
 and notes by Joseph Devey. Lond. 1913.

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 Have you anything to declare?: a note book
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---- Lost lectures or the fruits of expe-
 rience. Lond. 1932.  ISH-Pb13

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 Lond. 1915. (Home university library.)

---- Punch and Judy & other essays.
 Lond. 1924.  ISH-Pb15

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 1922.  ISH-Pb16

---- Russian essays and stories. Lond.
 1908.  ISH-Pb17

---- What I saw in Russia. Lond. 1927.

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 Epitaphs: graveyard humour & eulogy.
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 This soft age. Lond. 1933. 182 p.

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 The journal of Arnold Bennett, 1896-1920.
 N. Y. 1932. 2 vols.  ISH-Pb21

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 Viniana. Lond. 1929. 141 p.  ISH-Pb22

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 The world in 2030 A.D. With illustrations
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 Can you answer this? Lond. 1927. 159 p.

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 Merrie England. Lond. 1895.  ISH-Pb25

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 William Morris. Lond. 1934. ISH-Pb26

---- & Millicent, comp.
 The traveller's companion: a travel an-
 thology. Lond. 1931.  ISH-Pb27

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 Charles Lamb: his life recorded by his
 contemporaries. Lond. 1934.  ISH-Pb28

---- The face of England in a series of
 occasional sketches. Lond., &c. 1932. 192
 p. (English heritage ser.)  ISH-Pb29

---- Leigh Hunt: a biography. Lond.
 1930.  ISH-Pb30

---- The mind's eye: essays. Lond.
 1934.  ISH-Pb31

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 Life of Johnson. Lond. 1931. 2 vols.

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 Creative spirits of the nineteenth century.
 Tr. by Rasmus B. Anderson. Lond. 1924.

---- Main currents in nineteenth cen-
 tury literature. Lond. 1906-23. 6 vols.
  1. The emigrant literature.
  2. The romantic school in Germany.
  3. The reaction in France.
  4. Naturalism in England.
  5. The romantic school in France.
  6. Young Germany.

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 History of French literature. Adapted from
 the French of Demogeot. New ed. Lond.
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 Halcyon or the future of monogamy. Lond.
 1929. 92 p.  ISH-Pb36

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 The youth of Goethe. Lond. 1913.

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 Japanese all. Lond. 1928.  ISH-Pb38

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 The national character. Lond., &c. 1934.
 166 p. ISH-Pb39

---- Samuel Pepys. Camb. 1933-35. 2
 vols.  ISH-Pb40

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 Sir Walter Scott. Lond., &c. 1932.

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 James Joyce and the making of Ulysses.
 Lond. 1934.  ISH-Pb42

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 Further extracts from the notebooks of
 Samuel Butler. Chosen and ed. by A. T.
 Bartholomew. Lond. 1934.   ISH-Pb43

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 The drama of three hundred & sixty-five
 days: scenes, in the Great war. Lond. 1915.
 127 p.  ISH-Pb44

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 Letters from England. Lond. 1925. 192 p.

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 Sartor Resartus: the life and opinions of
 Herr Teufelsdrockh. Lond. (The works.
 Vol. 1.)  ISH-Pb46

---- do. Lond., &c. 1906. (The world's
 classics. 19)  ISH-Pb46A

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 The stricken deer or the life of Cowper.
 Lond. 1930.  ISH-Pb47

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 Autobiography. Lond. 1936.   ISH-Pb48

---- Chaucer. Lond. 1932. ISH-Pb49

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 Thoughts and adventures. Lond. 1932.

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 My Northcliffe diary. Lond. 1931.

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 A history of English literature. Lond., &c.
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 London pride and London shame. Lond.
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 Stray leaves from a physician's portfolio
 Lond.  ISH-Pb55

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 Glimpses. 2. ed. Lond. 1928.  ISH-Pb57

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 The nature of poetic literature. Seattle.
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 Dickens: the story of the life of the world's
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 The Englishman. Lond. 1931.  ISH-Pb60

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 The nature of man. Lond. 1927. 104 p.

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 Looking back: an autobiographical excur-
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 The enjoyment of literature. Camb. 1935.

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 Savage Messiah. Lond. 1931.   ISH-Pb66

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 Three rows of tape: a social study of the
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 The world as I see it. Tr. by Alan Harris.
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 English traits and representative men.
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 30.)  ISH-Pb70

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 Journals and letters of Reginald Viscount
 Esher, 1870-1910. Ed. by M. V. Brett.
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 Balzac. Tr., with notes, by Wilfre4 Thor-
 ley. Lond. 1918.  ISH-Pb73

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 Mrs. R. L. Devonshire. Lond. 1918.

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 A plurality of worlds. Tr. by J. Glanvill,
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 The moderns: essays in literary criticism.
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Turgenev. Lond., &:c. (Collins' Kings' way
 classics.)  ISH-Pb78

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 The life of Charlotte Bronte. Lond., &c.
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 The day after to-morrow: what is going
 to happen to the world? Lond.  ISH-Pb80

---- Ways of escape. Lond. 1933.

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 Good-bye to all that: an autobiography.
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 Fallodon papers. Lond. 1926. 184 p.

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 "G. G." Lond. 1933.  ISH-Pb85

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 The story of the Greeks. Lond. 1898.

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 Bernard Shaw. N.Y. 1931.  ISH-Pb88

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 Books and habits. Sel. and ed., with an
 introduction, by John Erskine. Lond. 1922.

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 literature. Arranged and ed. by Albert
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---- A history of English literature.
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---- interpretations of literature. Sel.
 and ed. by John Erskine. Lond. 1922. 2
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---- Lectures on Shakespeare. Ed. by
 lnagaki Iwao. Tokyo. Syowa 3. 120 p.

---- On art, literature and philosophy.
 Ed. by Tanabe Ryuji, &c. Tokyo. 1932.

---- On poets. Ed. by Tanabe Ryuji,
 &c. Tokyo. 1934.  ISH-Pb96

---- Some strange English literary
 figures of the eighteenth and nineteenth
 centuries. Ed, by R. Tanabe. Tokyo.
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 Bernard Shaw: playboy and prophet. N.Y.,
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 Goethe. Lond., &c. 94 p.  ISH-Pb99

---- The mind of post-war Germany.
 Manch. 1926. 47 p. (Repr.: The bulletin
 of the John Rylands library. Vol. lO, no.
 2.)  ISH-Pb100

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 A study in symbolism. Lond. 1916. 73 p.

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 The note book of Elbert Hubbard. N.Y.
 c.1937.  ISH-Pb102

Hunt, H. Cecil.
 Fresh howlers. Lond. 1930. 127 p.

---- Fun with the famous. Lond. 1929.
 120 p.  ISH-Pb104

---- Howlers. Lond. 1929. 127 p.

---- Howlers encored. Lond. 1931. 122
 p.  ISH-Pb106

---- Latest howlers. Lond., &c. 1934.
 107 p.  ISH-Pb107

---- Quips: an index for occasions.
 Lond. 1930(forew.). 114 p.  ISH-Pb108

Hunt, Violet.
 The wife of Rossetti: her life and death.
 Lond. 1932.  ISH-Pb109

Inge, William Ralph.
 Assessments and anticipations. Lond., &c
 1929.  ISH-Pb110

Jackson, Holbrook.
 The eighteen nineties: a review of art and
 ideas at the close of the nineteenth cen-
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Jefferson, Horace.
 The diary of a governing director. Illus-
 trated by Bernard Gribble. Lond. 1934.
 190 p.  ISH-Pb112

Journalist (the) in the making: carefully
 collated by the editor of the Newspaper
 world. Lond. 1925.  ISH-Pb113

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 Form and style in poetry. Ed. by R. W.
 Chambers. Lond. 1928.  ISH-Pb114

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 Something of myself for my friends known
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 Swinburne: a literary biography. Lond.
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 Imaginary conversations. Sel. and intro-
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 A short history of the future. Lond. 1936.

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 My best Scotch stories. Dundee, &c. 1929.
 36 p.  ISH-Pb121

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 Gogol. Lond. 1925(note).  ISH-Pb122

Lawrence, D. H.
 Assorted articles. Lond. 1930.  ISH-Pb123

---- Fantasia of the unconscious. Lond.
 1930. 176 p.  ISH-Pb124

---- Mornings in Mexico. Lond. 1930.

---- A propos of Lady Chatterley's lover.
 Lond. 1930. 63 p.  ISH-Pb126

Lawrence, Frieda (geb. Freiin von Richtho-
 "Not I, but the wind ..." Lond., &c.
 1935  ISH-Pb127

Lawyer's (the) last notebook. Introduction
 by Filson Young. Lond. 1934. ISH-Pb128

---- More from a lawyer's notebook.
 Lond. 1933.  ISH-Pb128

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 Humour: its theory & technique with ex-
 amples and samples. A book of discovery.
 Lond. 1935.  ISH-Pb129

---- Mark Twain, Edinb. 1932. 167 p.

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 A book of nonsense. With Struwwelpeter
 and other absurdities by various authors.
 Lond., &c. (Everyman's library. No. 806.)

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 Modern times, 1660-1914. By L. Caza-
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 derns. The music transcribed and the de-
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 Shades of Eton. Lond. 1929, ISH-Pbl36.

Lucas E. V.
 If dogs could write: a second canine miscel-
 lany. Lond. 1929. 95 p.  ISH-Pbl37

---- Reading, writing and remembering;
 a literary record. Lond. 1932.  ISH-Pbl38

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 England, their England. Lond. 1933.

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 Nature and men. Lond. 1923.  ISH-Pb140

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 More schoolboy "howlers". Lond. 1928.
 20 p.  ISH-Pb141

---- A selection of schoolboy "howlers".
 2. ed. Lond, 1927. 19 p.  ISH-Pb142

---- Smith minor again ( Schoolboy
 "Howlers"). Lond. 1930. 19 p.  ISH-Pb143

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 Unconsidered trifles. Lond. 1932.

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 The cream o'Scottish humour. Lond. 1933.

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 Old-fashioned flowers and other open-air
 essays. Tr. by A. T. de Mattos. Lond.
 1915. 115 p.  ISH-Pb146

---- Our eternity. Tr. by A. T. de
 Mattos. Lond. 1913. ISH-Pb147

---- The treasure of the humble. Tr. by
 Alfred Sutro. Lond. 1911.  ISH-Pb148

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 After ten years: a personal record. Lond.,
 &c. 1931. ISH-Pb149

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 Past masters and other papers. Tr. by H.
 T. Lowe-Porter. N.Y. c.1933.  ISH-Pb150

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 Journal of Katherine Mansfield. Ed. by J.
 Middleton Murry. Lond. 1927. ISH-Pb151

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 A cockney's pilgrimage in search of truth.
 Lond. 1927.  ISH-Pb152

----, ed.
 Maggots and men: a hoy's opinions on the
universe. Lond. 1925. 44 p.  ISH-Pb153

---- The mighty heart: a survey of
 England as it is and a vision of what it
 might be. Lond. 1925. 79 p.  ISH-Pb154

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 Literatur in Deutschland: Studien und Ein-
 drucke. Berl. 1910. 193 S.  ISH-Pb155

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 The adventures of Gabriel in his search
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 Byron. Tr. from the French by Hamish
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---- A private universe. Tr. by Hamish
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---- Voltaire. Tr. from the French by
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 The new lights o'London. Lond. 1926.
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 A window in Fleet Street; N.Y. 1932.

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 The intelligentsia of Great Britain. Tr.
 by A. Brown. Lond. 1935.  ISH-Pb165

---- Modern Russian literature. Lond.
 1925. 120 p.  ISH-Pb166

---- Pushkin. Lond. 1926.  ISH-Pb167
 Modernism: and what it did for me. By the
 enquiring layman. Lond. 178 p. (The out-
 line library. No. 2.)  ISH-Pb168

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 He and she: a book of them. Lond. 1933,

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 Unnoticed London. Lond., &c. 1922.

[Moore, Doris Langley.]
 The technique of the love affair. By a
 gentlewoman. Lond. 1928.  ISH-Pb171.

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 A Frenchman's London. Tr. by Desmond
 Flower. Lond., &c. 1934.  ISH-Pb172

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 Aristophanes: a study. 0xf. 1933.

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 Fyodor Dostoevsky: a critical study. Lond.
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 The background of English literature.
 Tokyo. Syowa 8.  ISH-Pb176

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 Goethe, man and poet. Written for the
 centenary of Goethe's death on March 22nd,
 1832 N.Y. 1932.  ISH-Pb177

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 Byron. Lond. 1908. (English men of let-
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  Japanese traits and foreign influences. Lond.
 1927.  ISH-Pb179

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 Memoirs of a soldier of fortune. N.Y. 1932.

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 Merry-go-down: a gallery of gorgeous
 drunkards through the ages. Collected for
 the use, interest, illumination and delecta-
 tion of serious topers by R. Noolas and
 decorated by H. Collins. Lond. ISH-Pb181

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 Degeneration. Tr. from the 2. ed. of the
 German work. Popular ed. Lond. 1913.

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 Tolstoy. Lond. 1919. (Master spirits of
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 Two years. Lond. 1930.  ISH-Pb185

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 The American illusion. Lond. 1929.

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 The Renaissance: studies in art and poetry.
 Lond. 1915.  ISH-Pb187

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 Everybody's Pepys. The diary of Samuel
 Pepy's, 1660-1669. Abr. from the com-
 plete copyright text and ed. by O. F. Mors-
 head. Lond. 1927.  ISH-Pb188

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 The women of Homer. Lond. 1898.

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 Contemporary Russian novelists. 2. ed.
 Lond. 1915.  ISH-Pb190

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 ed. Lond. 1923(pref.).  ISH-Pb191

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 Andre Gide: his life and his work. N.Y.
 1934.  ISH-Pb192

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 D. H. Lawrence: a first study. Lond., &c.
 1930. 159 p.  ISH-Pb193

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 The cradle of God. Lond. 1929.  ISH-Pb194

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 Apes and angels: a book of essays. Lond.
 1928.  ISH-Pb195

---- English journey. Lond. 1934.

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 Humour of to-day. Lond. 1927. (Harrap
 library. 41.)  ISH-Pb197

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 4909. Lond. 1935. 9 pts. in 1 vol.

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 The soul of America: yesterday and today.
 Phil. 1932.  ISH-Pb199

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 The honourable picnic. Tr. by Leonard
 Cline. Lond. 1928.  ISH-Pb200

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 English prose style. Lond. 1928.

Reader's (the) digest. No. 136-141, 143.147,
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 Wild flowers in literature. Lond. 1934.

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 The English: are they human? Lond. 1931.

---- Oscar Wilde. Edinb. 1933. 164 p.

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 Rabindranath Tagore: a biographical study.
 Lond. 1915. 181 p.  ISH-Pb206

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 Britain's awakening. Lond. 1916.

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 Flaubert and Maupassant: a literary rela-
 tionship. Chic. 1920. 120 p.  ISH-Pb208

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 Looking back on life. Lond. 1933.

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 Henrik Ibsen: poet, mystic and moralist.
 Lond. 1913. 154 p.  ISH-Pb210

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 The confessions. The first time tr. into
 English without expurgation. Edinb. 1904.
 2 vols.  ISH-Pb211

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 The ethics of the dust. Lond., &c. 1907.

 (introd.). (Everyman's library. 282.)

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 A history of nineteenth century literature
 (1780-1900). Lond. 1929.  ISH-Pb213

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 Cervantes. Lond. 1919. (Master spirits of
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 Escapade: a fragment of autobiography.
 Lond., &c. 1930.  ISH-Pb215

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 For ever England. Lond. 1932.  ISH-Pb216

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 The political madhouse in America and
 nearer home: a lecture. Lond. 1933. 63 p.

---- Prefaces. Lond. 1934.  ISH-Pb2l8

---- The quintessence of Ibsenism. Now
 completed to the death of Ibsen. Lond.
 1913.  ISH-Pb2l9

---- The sanity of art: an exposure of
 the current nonsense about artists being
 degenerate. Lond. 1908. 104 p.   ISH-Pb220

---- Selected passages from the works
 of Bernard Shaw. Chosen by Charlotte F.
 Shaw. Lond. 1912.  ISH-Pb221

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 John Bull at home: how he lives; amuses
 himself--dresses--what he learns-does--
 earns and spends, Tr. by Huntley Pater-
 son Lond., &c. 1931.  ISH-Pb222

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 The English eccentrics. Lond. 1933.

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 Dostoievsky: his life and literary activity.
 Tr. from the Russian by C. J. Hogarth.
 Lond., &c. 1916.

Some schoolboy howlers. With foreword by
 W. Hay. Oxf. 64 p.   ISH-Pb225

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 Men and things. Lond., &c. 1937.

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 The honeysuckle and the bee. Lond., &c.
 1937.  ISH-Pb227

---- Shakespeare as a dramatist. Lond.
 1935.  ISH-Pb228

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 Francis Bacon. A sketch of his life, works
 and literary friends; chiefly from a biblio-
 graphical point of view. Lond. 1910.

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 Tr. from the French, with an introduction
 and notes, by Philip Sidney Woolf and
 Cecil N. Woolf. Lond. 1915.  ISH-Pb230

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 A sentimental journey through France and
 Italy. With etchings by D. Tegetmeier.
 Lond. 1936. 144 p.  ISH-Pb231

---- A sentimental journey and the jour-
 nal to Pliza. Lond., &c. (Everyman's li-
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 Nietzsche and the ideals of modern Ger-
 many. Lond. 1915.  ISH-Pb233

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 Joy's loom. Lond. 1929. 64 p.  ISH-Pb234

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 Elizabeth and Essex: a tragic history.
 Lond. 1928.  ISH-Pb235

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 The quest for Corvo: an experiment in
 biography. Lond., &c. 1934. ISH-Pb236

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 Colour studies in Paris. Lond. 1918.

---- The symbolist movement in litera-
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 Creative unity. Lond. 1922.  ISH-Pb239

---- Personality: lectures delivered in
 America. Lond. 1917. 184 p.  ISH-Pb240

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 Hisytory of English literature. Tr. from
 the French by H. van Laun. Lond. 1907.
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 Letters of Anton Tchehov to his family and
 friends. Tr. from the Russian by Con-
 stance Garnett. Lond. 1920.  ISH-Pb242

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 The yeoman's England. Lond. 1934.

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 The art of the logos. Lond. 1935.

---- The Greek tradition: essays in the
 reconstruction of ancient thought. Lond.,
 &c. 1915.  ISH-Pb245

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 Walden, or life in the woods. Introduction
 by Richard Whiteing. Lond., &c.

---- do. Bost. 1936.  ISH-Pb246A

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 Lafcadio Hearn's American days. Designed
 and illust. by the author. Lond. 1925.

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 Poet in exile: the life of Heinrich Heine.
 Tr. by Harrison Brown. Lond. 1934.

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同  ISH-Pb292A

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同績  ISH-Pb301

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