Pa. Complete Works

Bain, Francis William.
 The lndian stories. Lond. 1913-20. 13 vols.
  1. A digit of the moon.
  2. The descent of the sun.
  3. A heifer of the dawn.
  4. In the Great God's hair.
  5. A draught of the blue.
  6. An essence of the dusk.
  7. An incarnation of the snow.
  8. A mine of faults.
  9. The ashes of a God.
  10.Bubbles of the foam.
  11.A syrup of the bees.
  12.The livery of eve.
  13.The substance of a dream.

Cambridge (the) history of English litera-
 ture. Ed. by A. W. Ward and A. R. Waller.
 Lond. 1932. 15 vols.  ISH-Pa2
  1. From the beginnings to the cyeles of
  2. The end of the middle ages.
  3. Renascence and reformation.
  4. Prose and poetry: Sir Thomas North to
   Michael Drayton.
  5 & 6. The drama to 1642. 2 vols.
  7. Cavalier and Puritan.
  8. The age of Dryden.
  9. From Steel and Addison to Pope and
  10.The age of Johnson.
  11.The period of the French revolution.
  12-14. The 19. century, 1-3. 3 vols.
  15.General index.

Conrad, Joseph.
 The works. Medallion ed. Lond. 1925.
 20 vols.   ISH-Pa3
  1. Almayer's folly and tales of unrest.
  2. An outcast of the islands.
  3. The nigger of the“Narcissus" and ty-
  4. Lord Jim.
  5. The inheritors.
  6. Youth and two other stories.
  7. Romance.
  8. Nostromo.
  9. The mirror of the sea and a personal
  10.The secret agent.
  11.A set of six.
  12.Under western eyes.
  13.Twixt land and sea tales.
  16.The shadow line and within the tides.
  17.The arrow of gold.
  18.The rescue.
  19.Notes on life and letters.
  20.The rover.

Dickens, Charles.
 The works, Lond. 30 vols.  ISH-Pa4
  1-2. The posthumous papers of the Pick-
   wick club. 2 vols.
  3-4. The life and adventures of Nicholas
   Nickleby. 2 vols.
  5-6. The life and adventures of Martin
   Chuzzlewit. 2 vols.
  7-8. Dombey and son. 2 vols.
  9-lO. The personal history of David Cop-
   perfield. 2 vols.
  11-12. Little Dorrit. 2 vols.
  13-14. Bleak house, 2 vols.
  15. Oliver Twist.
  16. Christmas books.
  17-18. The old curiosity shop and short
   stories. 2 vols.
  19-20. Barnarby Rudge and Master Hum-
   phrey's clock. 2 vols.
  21-22. Hard times and sketches by Boz. 2
  23. A tale of two cities.
  24. Pictures from Italy and American notes.
  25-26. Great expectations and uncommercial
   traveller. 2 vols.
  27-28. Our mutual friend. 2 vols.
  29-30. Charles Dickens; his life, writings,
   and personality. By Frederic G. Kit-
   ton. 2 vols.

Dostoevsky, Fyodor.
 The novels. From the Russian by Constance
 Garnett. Lond. 1913-20. 12 vols. ISH-Pa5
  1. The brothers Karamazov.
  2. The idiot.
  3. The possessed.
  4. Crime & punishment.
  5. The house of the dead.
  6. The insulted and injured.
  7. A raw youth.
  8. The eternal husband and other stories.
  9. The gambler and other stories.
  10.White nights and other stories.

  11.An honest thief and other stories.
  12.The friend of the family and another

Duma, Alexandre.
 The romances. Vol.1-19,23-48. Lond.
 c.1888-1925. 45 vols.  ISH-Pa6
  1-2. The three musketeers. 2 vols.
  3.  The chevalier d'Harmental.
  4-5. Twenty years after. 2 vols.
  6.  The regent's daughter.
  7-10. Vicomte de Bragelonne. 4 vols.
  11-12.The two Dianas. 2 vols.
  13.  The brigand and the horoscope.
  14-15.The page of the Duke of Savoy. 2 vols.
  16.  Marguerite de Valois.
  17-18.0lympe de Cleves. 2 vols.
  19.  The forty-five.
  23-24.The queen's necklace. 2 vols.
  25.  La dame de Monsoreau.
  26-27.Ange Pitou. 2 vols.
  28.  Chevalier de Maison-Rouge.
  29-31.La Comtesse de Charny. 3 vols.
  32-33.The companions of Jehu. 2 vols.
  34.  Chauvelin's will and stories of the
   French revolution.
  35-36.The whites and the blues. 2 vols.
  37.  Ascanio.
  38-39.The she-wolves of Machecoul. 2 vols.
  40.  The war of women.
  41-42.Agenor de Mauleon. 2 vols.
  43.  Sylvandire.
  44-46.The Count of Monte Cristo. 3 vols.
  47.  The black tulip--The ball of snow--
  48.  Black, the story of a dog.

France, Anatole.
 The works. Tr. by J. Lewis May, &c. Ed.
 by Frederic Chapman and James Lewis
 May. Library ed. Lond. 1923-29. 39 vols.
  1. My friend's book.
  2. Mother of pearl.
  3. Crainquebille, Putois, Riquet and other
   profitable tales.
  4. The garden of Epicurus.
  5. At the sign of the Reine Pedauque.
  6. Pierre Noziere.
  7. The revolt of the angels.
  8. Jocasta & the famished cat.
  9. The white stone.
  11.0n life & letters. 1. ser.           2. ser.           3. ser.           4. ser.
  15.The well of Saint Clare.
  16.The elm-tree on the Mall.
  17.The red lily.
  18.The opinions of Jerome Coignard.
  19.The wicker work woman: a chronicle of
   our own times.
  20.The crime of Sylvestre Bonnard.
  21.Penguin island.
  22.The amethyst ring.
  23.Little Pierre.
  24.The merrie tales of Jacques Tourne-
   broche and child life in town and coun-
  26.Clio & the Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte.
  27.The Gods are athirst.
  28.Monsieur Bergeret in Paris.
  29.The Latin genius.
  30-32.The life of Joan of Arc. 3 vols.
  33.The bloom of life.
  34.Marguerite and Count Morin, deputy
   together with Alfred de Vigny and the
   path of glory.
  35.The aspirations of Jean Servien.
  36.Prefaces, introductions and other uncol-
   lected papers.
  37.Anatole France and his circle; being his
   table-talk collected & recorded by Paul
  38.The unrisen dawn, speeehes and addresses.
  39.The bride of Corinth and other poems
   & plays.

---- The works in an English transla-
 tion. Ed. by Frederic Chapman and J.
 Lewis May. Lond., &c. 1913-22. 6 vols.
  1. The bride of Corinth and other poems
   & plays. Tr. by Wilfred Jackson and
   Emile Jackson.
  2. The Gods are athirst. Tr. by Mrs. Wil-
   fred Jackson.
  3. My friend's book. Tr. by J. Lewis May.
  4. Pierre Noziere. J. Lewis May.
  5. The revolt of the angels. Tr. by Mrs.
   Wilfred Jackson.
  6. The seven wives of Bluebeard & other
   marvellous tales. Tr. by D. B. Stewart.

Galsworthy, John.
 The works. The grove ed. Lond. 1927-30.
 21 vols.  ISH-Pa9
  1. The Island Pharisees.
  2. The country house.
  3. Fraternity.
  4. The patrician.
  5. The dark flower.
  6. The freelands.
  7. Beyond: a narrative.
  8. Saint's progress.
  9. Villa Rubein.
  10.The burning spear.
  11.The Inn of tranquility and other im-
   pressions--Verses new and old.
  12-14.The Forsyte saga. 3 vols.
  15.Satires and a commentary.
  16-18. Caravan. 3 vols.
  19-21. A modern comedy. 3 vols.

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang.
 Sammtliche Werke. vollstandige Ausg.
 Stuttg. 1875. 10 Bde.  ISH-Pa10

Hammerton, J. A., ed.
 The masterpiece library of short stories:
 the 1000 best complete tales of all times
 and all countries. Lond. 20 vols.  ISH-Pa11
  1. Early stories.
  2. Italian.
  3-6. French & Belgian. 4 Vols.
  7-9. English. 3 vols.
  10. Scottish.
  11. Irish & overseas.
  12-13. Russian &c. 2 vols.
  14-16. American. 3 vols.
  17. Old German.
  18. Spanish & Portuguese.
  19. Scandinavian & Dutch.
  20. The war. Index.

Ibsen, Henrik.
 The collected works. Rev. and ed. by Wil-
 liam Archer. copyright ed. Lond. 1906-19.
 12 vols.  ISH-Pa12
  1. Lady Inger of Ostrat--The feast at Sol-
 hough--Love's comedy.
  2. The Vikings at Helgeland--The preten-
  3. Brand.
  4. Peer Gynt.
  5. Emperor and Galilean.
  6. The league of youth--Pillars of society.
  7. A doll's house--Ghosts.
  8. An enemy of the people--The wild duck.
  9. Rosmersholm--The lady from the sea.
  10. Hedda Gabler--The master bilder.
  11. Little Eyolf--John Gabliel Bolkman-
    When we dead awaken.
  12. From Ibsen's workshop.

Kingsley, Charles.
 The works. Lond. 1890-1917. 26 vols.
  1. All Saints' day and other sermons
  2. Alton Locke.
  3. At last.
  4. Discipline and other sermons.
  5. GLaucus or the wonders of the shore.
  6. The good news of God.
  7. The Gospel of the Pentateuch and David.
  8. Hereward the wake.
  9. The hermits.
  10. The heroes or Greek fairy tales for my
  11. Historical lectures and essays.
  12. Hypatia or new foes with an old face.
  13. Literary and general lectures and essays.
  14. Madam How and Lady Why or first les-
   sons in earth lore for children.
  15. Plays and Puritans and other historical
  16. Poems.
  17. Prose idylls, new and old.
  18. The Roman and the Teuton.
  19. Sanitary and social lectures and essays.
  20. Sermons for the times.
  21. Two years ago.
  22. Village sermons, and town and country
  23. The water-babies.
  24. Westminster sermons.
  25. Westward ho!
  26. Yeast.

Maupassant, Guy de.
 The works. Newly tr. into English. Lond.
 7 vols.  ISH-Pa14
  1. Bel-ami.
  2. A life.
  3. Boule de suif and other stories.
  4. The house of Madame Tellier and other
  5. The master passion.
  6. Notre coeur.
  Extra vol. The life, work and evil fate
   of Guy de Maupassant. By Robert Har-
   borough Sherard. 1926.

---- The collected novels and stories.
 1-3, 5-6, 8-14, 16, 18. Tr. and ed. by Er-
 nest Boyd. N.Y. 1923-26. 14 vols.  ISH-Pal5
  1. Boule de suif and other stories.
  2. Mademoiselle Fifi and other stories.
  3. That pig, Morin and other stories.
  5. The sisters Rondoli and other stories.
  6. Miss Harriett and other stories.
  8. Yvette and other stories.
  9. Day and night stories.
  10.Little Roque and other stories.
  12.The Horla and other stories.
  13.Pierre and Jean.
  14.The olive orehard and other stories.
  16.Useless beauty and other stories.
  18.The pedlar and other stories.

Methuen's Library of humour. Ed. by E. V.
 Knox. Lond. 1933-34. 10 vols. ISH-Pa16
  1. Anthony Armstrong.
  2. G. K. Chesterton.
  3. Harry Graham.
  4. A.. P. Herbert.
  5. W. W. Jacobs.
  6. Stephen Leacock.
  7. E. V. Lucas.
  8. A. A. Milne.
  9. Barry Pain.
  10.P. G. Wodehouse.

Petronius, Gaius.
 The complete works, Done into English
 by Jack Lindsay. With 100 illustrations
 by Norman Lindsay. Lond. 159 p.

Photogravure (the) and colour series. Lond.,
 &c. 1905-12. 18 vols.  ISH-Pa18
 Photogravure vols.
  1. Arnold, Matthew. Poems. With 12 pho-
   togravures after Gilbert James. 1905.
  2. Milton, John. Comus: a masque, With
   illustrations by Jessie M. King. 1906.
  3. Drayton, Michael. Nymphidia or the
   court of faery. With 8 photogravures
   after drawings by Thomas Maybank.
  4. Dante A1ighieri. La vita nuova (the
   new life). Tr. and illust, by photogra-
   vures after paintings by Dante Gabriel
  5. Apuleius. Cupid and psyche. Tr. (A. D.
   1566) by William Adlington. With 12
   photogravures after drawings by Gilbert
   James. 1906.
  6. Goethe, J. W. v. Faust: a drama. Tr. by
   Anna Swanwick. Illust. by Gilbert James.
  7. Kempis, Thomas a. The imitation of
   Christ. Tr. from the Latin by William
   Benham, With 12 photogravures after
   celebrated paintings.
  8. Khayyam, Omar. The Rubaiyat. Tr. by
   Edward Fitzgerald. With 12 photogra-
   vures after drawings by Gilbert James.
  9. Milton, John. Paradise lost. Illust. by
   W. Strang. 1905.
  10. Chaucer, Geoffrey. The story bf patient
   Griselda. Done into modern English by
   Walter William Skeat.
  11. Lodge, Thomas. Rosalynde: a novel.
   With 8 photogravures and several line
   illustrations by Thomas Maybank.
  12. Ruth & Esther. The books of Ruth and
   Esther. With 12 photogravures from
   drawings by Gilbert James.
  13. Song (the) of songs. With an intro-
   ductory note and photogravures after 8
   drawings by Gilbert James.
  14. Blair, Robert. The grave: a poem. With
   11 photogravures and one half-tone re-
   production after designs by William
 Colour vols.
  15. Anson, W. S. W., ed. The Christmas book
   of carols and songs. With 12 coloured
   plates by Alan Wright and Vernon
  16. Herrick, Robert. Flower poems. With a
   note on Herrick by Algernon Charles
   Swinburne. Illust. with 12 coloured
   plates by Florence Castle.
  17. Irving, Washington. Rural life in Eng-
   land. Illust. by Alan Wright and Vernon
  18. Wagner, Richard. The story of Wagner's
   "Lohengrin". Retold in English by Fre-
   derick Colin Tilney. With 6 pictures in
   colour by the author.

Schiller, Johann Christoph Friedrich.
 Sammtliche Werke. Stuttg. 1877. 4 Bde.

Scott, Walter.
 The Waverley novels and his life. Lond.
 27 vols.  ISH-Pa20
  1. Waverley or the sixty years since.
  2. Guy Mannering or the astroger.
  3. The antiquary.
  4. Rob Roy.
  5. Old mortality.
  6. A legend of Montrose and the black
  7. The heart of Midlothian.
  8. The bride of Lammermoor.
  9. Ivanhoe.
  10. The monastery.
  11. The abbot.
  12. Kenilworth.
  13. The pirate.
  14. The fortunes of Nigel.
  15. Peveril of the peak.
  16. Quentin Durward.
  17. St. Ronan's well.
  18. Redgauntlet: a tale of the l8th century.
  19. The betrothed and the Highland widow.
  20. The talisman and the two drovers, my
   aunt Margaret's mirror, the tapestried
   chamber, the Laird's Jock.
  21. Woodstock.
  22. The fair maid of Perth or St. Valen-
   tine's day.
  23. Anne of Geierstein or the maiden of the
  24. Count Robert of Paris.
  25. The surgeon's daughter and Castle dan-
  26-27. The life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart.
   By J. G. Lockhart. 2 vols.

Shakespeare, William.
 The works. Lond. 12 vols. ISH-Pa21
  1. Love's labours' lost--The comedy of er-
   rors--The two gentlemen of Verona--
   A midsummer night's dream.
  2. The taming of the shrew--The merchant
   of Venice--The merry wives of Windsor.
  3. Much ado about nothing--As you like it
   --Twelfth night.
  4. All's well that ends well--Measure for
   measure--The tempest--The winter's
  5. King Henry VI. Pt. 1-3.
  6. King Richard III--King John--King
   Richard II.
  7. King Henry IV. Pt. 1-2--King Henry
  8. Sonnets and poems--King Henry VIII.
  9. Titus Andronicus--Romeo and Juliet--
   Troilus and Cressida.
  10. Julius Caesar--Hamlet--Othello.
  11. King Lear--Macbeth--Timon of Athens
  12. Antony and Cleopatra--Coriolanus--Cym-

---- The complete works. With introduc-
 tion by St. John Ervine. Lond., &c. 1923.

Shaw, Bernard.
 The works. Lond. 1930-32. 30 vols.
  1. Immaturity.
  2. The irrational knot.
  3. Love among the artists.
  4. Cashel Byron's profession.
  5. An unsocial socialist.
  6. Short stories.
  7-8. Plays pleasant and unpleasant. 2 vols.
  9. Three plays for Puritans. The devil's
   disciple--Caesar and Cleopatra--Captain
   Brassbound's conversion.
  10. Man and superman.
  11. John Bull's other island--How he lied to
   her husband--Major Barbara.
  12. The doctor's dilemma--Getting married
   --The shewing-up of Blanco Posnet.
  13. Misalliance--The dark lady of the son-
   nets--Fanny's first play.
  14. Androcles and the lion--Overruled--Pyg-
  15. Heartbreak house--Great Catherine--
   Playlets of the war.
  16. Back to Methuselah.
  17. Saint Joan--The apple cart.
  18. Translations and tomfooleries.
  19. The quintessence of Ibsenism--The per-
   fect Wagnerite--The sanity of art.
  20 The intelligent woman's guide to social-
   ism and capitalism.
  21. What I really wrote about the war.
  22. Doctor's delusions--Crude criminology--
   Sham education.
  23-25. Our theatres in the nineties. 3 vols.
  26-28. Music in London, 1890-94. 3 vols.
  29. Pen portraits and reviews.
  30. Essays in Fabian socialism.

---- The plays. Pocket ed. Lond. 1926.
 12 vols.  ISH-Pa24
  1. Androcles and the lion--Overruled--Pyg-
  2. Back to Methuselah: a metabiological
  3. The doctor's dilemma--Getting married.
   Playlets of the war.
  4. Heartbreak house--Great Catherine--
  5. John Bull's other island--How he lied
   to her husband--Major Barbara.
  6. Man and superman with revolutionist's
   handbook and maxims for revolutionists.
  7. Misalliance--The dark lady of the son-
   nets--Fanny's first play.
  8. Plays pleasant. Arms and the man--
   Candida--The man of destiny--You never
   can tell.
  9. Plays unpleasant. Widowers' houses--
   The philanderer--Mrs. Warren's profes-
  10. Saint Joan--The shewing-up of Blanco
  11. Three plays for Puritans. The devil's
   disciple--Caesar and Cleopatra--Captain
   Brassbound's conversion.
  12. Translations and tomfooleries.

Stendhal (Marie-Henri Belyle).
 The works. Tr. by C. K. Scott Moncrieff
 and Vyvyan Holland. Lond. 1927-28. 4
 vols.  ISH-Pa25
  Armance. Tr. by C. K. Scott Moncrieff.
  On love. Tr. by Vyvyan Holland.
  Scarlet and black. Tr. by C. K. Moncrieff.
  2 vols.

Tchekhoff, Anton.
  The tales and the plays. Tr. by Constance
 Garnett, Lond. 1916-23. 14 vols.
 The tales.
  1. The darling and other stories.
  2. The duel and other stories.
  3. The lady with the dog and other stories.
  4. The party and other stories.
  5. The wife and other stories.
  6. The witch and other stories.
  7. The Bishop and other stories.
  8. The chorus girl and other stories.
  9, The schoolmistress and other stories.
  1O. The horse-stealers and other stories.
  11. The schoolmaster and other stories.5
  12. The cook's wedding and other stories.
  13. Love and other stories.
 The plays.
  2. Three sisters and other stories.

Thackeray, William Makepeace.
 The works. Lond. 26 vols.  ISH-Pa27
  1-2. Vanity fair: a novel without a hero.
   2 vols.
  3-4. The history of Pendennis; his fortunes
   and misfortunes, his friends and his grea-
   test enemy. 2 vols.
  5-6. The newcomes. Ed. by Arthur Pendennis.
   2 vols.
  7-8. The Virginians: a tale of the last cen-
   tury. 2 vols.
  9. The history of Henry Esmond, Esq.
  10. From Cornhill to Cairo--The great Hog-
   garty diamond--A little dinner at Tim-
  11. Catherine: a story--Cox's diary--The
   Paris sketch book.
  12. The book of snobs--The Fitz-Boodle pa-
   pers--Paris sketch book (continued).
  13. The memoirs of Barry Lyndon, Esq.--
   Men's wives.
  14. Sketches and travels in London--The
   fatal boots--Little travels and roadside
  15. Lovel the widower--The four Georges--
   The English humourists.
  16. Roundabout papers--Second funeral of
   Napoleon--Bedford-row conspiracy--The
   English humourists (continued).
  17. The memoirs of Mr. Charles J. Yellow-
   plush--The Irish sketch book.
  18. The rose and the ring--Ballads, &c.--
   Irish sketch book (continued).
  19. Burlesques.
  20. Contributions to "Punch", &c.
  21-22. The adventures of Philip. 2 vols.
  23. Christmas books--Tales, sketches, &c.
  24 Tales, sketches, &c.--Critical reviews.
  25-26; The life of William Makepeace Thac-
   keray. By Lewis Melville. 2 vols.

Tolstoy, Leo.
 The works. Vol. 1-8, 11-19, 21. Tr. by
 Aylmer Maude, &c. Centenary ed. Oxf.
 1928-37. 18 vols.  ISH-Pa28
  1-2. The life of Tolstoy. By Aylmer Maude.
   2 vols.
  3. Childhood, boyhood and youth.
  4. Tales of army life.
  5. Nine stories.
  6-8. War and peace. 3 vols.
  11. A confession and the Gospel in brief.
  12. On life and essays on religion.
  13. Twenty-three tales.
  14. What then must we do?
  15. Ivan Ilych and Hadji Murad
  16. The devil and cognate tales.
  17. Plays.
  18. What is art? and essays on art.
  19. Resurrection.
  21. Recollections and essays.

Turgenev, Ivan.
 The novels. Tr. from the Russian by Con-
 stance Garnett. Lond., &c. 1906-22. 17
 vols.  ISH--Pa29
  1. Rudin.
  2. A house of gentlefolk.
  3. On the eve.
  4. Fathers and children.
  5. Smoke.
  6-7. Virgin soil. 2 vols.
  8-9. A sportsman's sketches. 2 vols.
  10. Dream tales and prose poems.
  11. The torrents of spring, &c.
  12. A lear of the steppes, &c.
  13. The diary of a superfluous man, &c.
  14. A desperate character, &c.
  15. The Jew, &c.
  16. The two friends and other stories.
  17. Knock, knock, knock and other stories.

Whitten, Wilfred (John O'London), ed.
 The world's library of best books. Lond.
 5 vols.  ISH-Pa30

岩波講座世界文學 第一回至第一五回 岩波書店
 發行 東 昭和七/九 洋 中 一一五冊

漱石全集 夏目金之助著 漱石全集刊行
 會編 東 大正六/八 洋 中 一四冊

漱石全集 第一巻至第一二巻 第一四巻
 至第一九巻 昭和一〇/一二 洋 小 一八冊

寺田寅彦全集 文學篇 第一巻至第六巻 第八
 巻至第一二巻 第一五巻 寺田寅彦著 安倍
 能成等編 東 昭和一一/一二 洋 小 一二冊