A. General

Benn's sixpenny library, ed, by William Rose.
 No. 1-122, 140-153, 161, 162, 165-167, 170,
 171, 177, 179, 227, 230, 231, 251, 252.
 Lond. 1927-30, 150 vols.  ISH-A1
  1. Somervell, David C. A history of England.
  2. Bevon, Edwyn. The world of Greece &
  3. Ross, E. Denison. Eastern art and lite-
  4. Home, Gordon. Roman Britain.
  5. Fallaize, E. N. The origins of civiliza-
  6. Peake, Harold. The origins of agricul-
  7. Catheart, E. P. Nutrition and dietetics.
  8. Mowat, R. B. A history of Europe, 476-
  9. Jacob, E. F. The holy Roman Empire,
  10. Somervell, David C. A history of Wes-
   tern Europe, 1815-1926.
  11. Dawson, William Harbutt. A history of
  12. Mirsky, D. S. A history of Russia.
  13. Trevelyan, G. M. A history of Italy.
  14. McElroy, Robert. A history of the Uni-
   ted States of America.
  15. Soothill, W. E. A history of China.
  16. Maycock, A. L. The papacy.
  17. Weigall, Arthur. Ancient Egypt.
  18. Thompson, Edward. A history of India.
  19. Ross, E. Denison. Islam.
  20. Ogg, David. The reformation.
  21. Robbins, Alfred, The press.
  22. Monkswell, Lord. Railways.
  23. Hughes, C. E. The English water col-
   our painters.
  24. Joad, C. E. M. Great philosophies of the
  25. Jerrold, Douglas. The war on land in
   the main theatres of war.
  26. Hearnshaw, F. J. C. British prime mini-
   sters of l8th century.
  27. Wyndham, Horace. Criminology.
  28. Ashton, H. The French novel.
  29. Carr, Herbert Wildon. The freewill pro-
  30. Low, Sidney. The British constitution.
  31. Taylor, E. G. R. Oceans & rivers.
  32. Nicoll, Allardyce, The English stage.
  33. Wright, A, R. English folklore.
  34. Warmington, E. H. Athens.
  35. Weekley, Ernest. The English language.
  36. Smart, W. M. Astrophysics.
  37. Sampson, R. A. Science & reality.
  38. Cary, M. A history of Western Europe,
   A.D. 1-455.
  39. Sisson, Charles J. The Elizabethan dra-
  40. Massingham, H. J. Pre-Roman Britain.
  41. De Montmorency, J. E. G. The legal sys-
   tem of England.
  42 Arnold, Thomas W. The Islamic faith.
  43. Foligno, Cesare. Dante.
  44. Bryan, J. Ingram. A history of Japan.
  45. Balfour-Browne, Frank. Insects.
  46. Coulton, G. G. The black death.
  47. Box, G. H. Early Christianity and its
  48. Levett, A. Elizabeth. English economic
  49. Westermarek, Edward. Marriage.
  50. Mowat, R. B. Europe in the age of Na-
  51. Herford, C. H. English literature.
  52. Baring, Maurice. French literature.
  53. Gardner, Edmund G. Italian literature.
  54. Harrison, G. B. Shakespeare.
  55. Waterhouse, Gilbert. German literature.
  56. Lavrin, Janko. Russian literature.
  57. Kerr, J. Graham. An introduction to
  58. Saunders, Kenneth. Buddhism.
  59. Harrison, Jane. Myths of Greece & Rome.
  60. Home, Gordon. A history of London.
  61. Robertson, Charles G. A history of Wes-
   tern Europe, A.D. 1453-1789.
  62. Sykes, Norman. Church & state in Eng-
   land since the reformation.
  63. Pullin, V. E. X-rays and radium.
  64. Dakin, William J. Modern problems in
  65. Lodge, Oliver. Energy.
  66. Nicholson, E. M. The study of birds.
  67. Barman, Christian. Architecture.
  68. Ramsbottom, J. Fungi: an introduction
   to mycology.
  69. Buck, Percy C. A history of music.
  70. Ponsonby, Arthur. British diarists.
  71. Coulton, G. G. The inquisition.
  72. Low, Sidney. The Indian states and
   ruling princes.
  73. O'Connor, James. A history of Ireland.
  74. Jenkins, C1aude. Mediaeval European
   history, A.D. 455-1453.
  75. MacBride, E. W. Embryology: the study
   of animal development.
  76. Lapage, Geoffrey. Parasites.
  77. Rait, R. S. A history of Scotland.
  78. Huddleston, Sisley. A history of France.
  79. Harris, H. Wilson. The League of na-
  80. Powys, A. R. The English house.
  81. Rose, J. Holland. Napoleon.
  82. Baden-Powell, Robert. Scouting and
   youth movements.
  83. Keeling, S. V. Logic and reasoning.
  84. Brodetsky, S. The meaning of mathe-
  85. Rodd, Rennell. Diplomacy.
  84. Woodruff, Douglas. The British Empire.
  87. Priestley, J. B. The English novel.
  88. King-Hall, Stephen. The War on sea,
  89. Phillips, W. Alison. The French revo-
  90. Redmayne, R. A. S. Fuel: its origin and
  91. Fleure, H. J. An introduction to geo-
  92. Ashby, Thomas. Rome: the eternal city.
  93. De Montmorency, J. E. G. The principles
   of law.
  94. Stocks, J. L. An introduction to philo-
  95. Munro, J. W. Insects and industry.
  96. Nayler, J. L. Aeronauties.
  97. Gregory, J. W. Earthquakes and volca-
  98. Conway, Robert Seymour. The great
   writers of Rome.
  99. Capell, Richard. Opera.
  100. Kenyon, Frederic. Libraries and mu-
  101. Lodge, Oliver. Modern scientific ideas.
  102. Holmes, Arthur. The age of the earth.
  103. Andrade, E. N. da C. The atom.
  104. Spielmann, Percy E. Chemistry.
  105. Rice, James. Relativity.
  106. Forbes, George. The earth, the sun, and
   the moon.
  107. Forbes George. The stars.
  108. Paine, W. W. Banking.
  109. MacBride, E. W. Evolution.
  110. Crew, F. A. E. Heredity.
  111. Morrison, J. T. Poisons.
  112. Robertson, Charles Geant. 1 The British
  113. Fleure, H. J. The races of mankind.
  114. Marett, R. R. Man in the making.
  115. Rice, James. Introduction to physical
  116. Haarrison, G, B. Elizabethan England.
  117. Dakin, William J. An introduction to
  118. Mangham, Sydney. An introduction to
  119. Lloyd, J. E. A history of Wales.
  120. Pringle, W. Hendersen, An introduction
   to economies.
  121. Firth, J. R. Speech.
  122. Manson, J. B. English oil colour pain-
  140. Pullin, V. E. Sir Isaac Newton: a bio-
   graphical sketch.
  141. Macfie, Ronald Campbell. The body:
   an introduction to phygiology.
  142. Huxley, Julian. Ants.
  143. Caspari, W. A. The structure and pro-
   perties of matter.
  144. Singer, Charles. Religion and science.
  145. Brooks, C. E. P. The weather.
  146. Jacob, E. F. The renaissance.
  147. Hearnshaw, F. J. C. British prime mini-
   sters of the l9th century.
  148. Wilson, R. McNair. A history of medi-
  149. Casson, Stanley. Archaeology.
  I50. Debenham, Frank. The polar regions.
  15l. Martindale, C. C. The religions of the
  152. Joad, C. E. M. The mind and its wor-
  153. Jones, Ernest. Psychoanalysis.
  161. Hearnshaw, F. J. C. The development
   of political ideas.
  162. Thomson, J. A. K. Plato and Aristotle.
  165. Campbell, R. J. The life of Christ.
  166. D'Arcy, M. C. Catholicism.
  167. Inge, W. R. Protestantism.
  170. Adams, John. Educational theories.
  171. Norwood, Cyril. The English educational
  177. Benn, Ernest J. P. Trade.
  179. Withers, Hartley. Money.
  227. Cooke, Greville. The theory of music.
  230. Brackett, Oliver. English furniture.
  231. Rubinstein, H. F. The English drama.
  251. Aston, George. Nelson.
  252. Belloc, Hilaire. Oliver Cromwell.

Benn's sixpenny library, ed. by William Rose.
 No. 1, 4, 51, 53, 102-104, 152, 161. Lond.
 1928. 9 vols.  ISH-A1A

Daily (the) mail year book. 1917-1921, 1923-
 1926, 1928-1929, 1932-1937. Ed. by David
 Williamson. Lond. 17 vols.  ISH-A2

Encyclopaedia (the) Britannica: a dictio-
 nary of arts, sciences, literature & general in-
 formation. 13. ed., being volumes one to
 twenty-eight of the latest standard ed. with
 the three new volumes covering recent years
 and the index volume. Lond., &c. c.1926.
 32 vols.  ISH-A3

Europe (the) year-book: an annual survey of
 economic and social conditions; a European
 directory and who's who in politics, trade,
 commerce, science, art and literature. Ed.
 by Michael Farbman, &c. 1927-1928. Lond.
 3 vols.  ISH-A4

Fortnightly (the) review. Ed. by W. Y.
 Courtney. Vol. 99. New ser. January to
 June, 1916. Lond., &c. 1916.  ISH-A5

Hammerton, J. A., ed.
 The world's great books in outline. Lond.
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 guardian & evening news ltd. 1930. Manch.

Harmsworth's Business encyclopaedia and
 commercial educator. Lond. 5 vols, ISH-A8

Hodder & Stoughton ltd.
Hodder's & Stoughton's complete catalogue
of books alphabetically arranged. Lond.
152 p. ISH-A9

Illustrated (the) London news. Vol. 186,
no. 5012-5019. May 1l-June 29, 1935.
Lond. ISH-A10

Indian (the) year book, 1930: a statistical
 and historical annual of the Indian Empire,
 with an explanation of the principal topics
 of the day. Ed. by Stanley Reed and S. T.
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I see all: the world's first picture encyclo-
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 The business encyclopaedia and legal ad-
 viser. New and rev. ed. Lond. 1919-20.
 6 Vols.  ISH-A14

---- do. Vol. 5.  ISH-Al4A

Limited editions club.
 A prospectus from the Limited editions club
 concerning the fine books to be published in
 its eighth series. November, 1936-October,
 1937. N. Y. 30 p.  ISH-A15

Manchester (the) guardian year book, 1927-
 1928. Manch. 2 vols.  ISH-A16

People's (the) year book, being the annual of
 the English and Scottish co-operative whole-
 sale societies. 1928, 1930, Glasg. 2 vols.

Pitman's Radio year book. 1923 (first year).
 Lond. 1923.  lSH-A18

Realist (the): a journal of scientific human-
 ism. Vol. 1, no. 2-6; vol. 2, no. 1-3. May-
 December, 1929. Lond. 2 vols.  ISH-A19

Robert, Maurice & Warde, Frederic.
 A code for the collector of beautiful books.
 N. Y. 1936. 68 p.  ISH-A20

Rose, William, ed.
 An outline of modern knowledge. Lond.
 1931.  ISH-A21

Routledge introductions to modern knowledge.
 No. 1-17, 19-20. Lond. 1929-30. 19 vols.
  1. Isaacs, Susan. The nursery years. l929.
  2. Buxton, L. H. Dudley. Monkey to man.
  3. Driberg, J. H. The savage as he really
   is. 1929.
  4-5. Baynes, Norman H., &c. Europe through-
   out the ages. 1929. 2 vols.
  6. Nevinson, H. W, The English. 1929.
  7. Winn, Cyril. Music for all. 1929.
  8. Darwin, Charles. What Darwin really
   said: connected extracts from the "Ori-
   gin of species" 1929,
  9. Snell, H. Daily life in Parliament. 1930.
  10. Hawkins, H. L. The restless earth. 1929.
  11. Miles, G. H. The "will to work." 1929.
  12. Ransom, H. A. V. Landmarks of English
   history. 1930.
  13. Clayton, P. B. & Appleton, L, G. Week-
   day Christianity. 1930.
  14. Pollock, Mrs. Dighton. The women of
   to-day. 1929.
  15. Batson, Harold E. Practical economies.
  16. Glanville, S. R. K. Daily life in anci-
   ent Egypt. 1930.
  17. Cleeves, Mrs. Janet. Making a home.
  19. Renouf, L. P. W. Animal life on the
   seashore. 1930.
  20. Bennett, Victoria A. M. Health in the
   nursery. 1930.

Self and society booklets. No. 1-6, 15-18.
 Lond. 1928-29. 10 vols.  ISH-A23
  1. Snowden, Philip. The faith of a demo-
   crat. 1928.
  2. Jacks, L. P. The road to enjoyment.
  3. Webb, Mrs. Sidney. The discovery of
   the consumer. 1928.
  4. Laski, Harold J. The recovery of citizen-
   ship. 1928.
  5. Benn, Ernest J. P. Producer v. consumer.
  6. Sharp, Evelyn. Daily bread. 1928.
  15. Redfern, Percy. Twenty faces the world.
  16. Rowe, J. W. F. Everyman's statistics.
  17. Bowman, LeRoy E. The wilderness of
   American prosperity. 1929.
  18. Addison, Christopher. The nation and its
   food. 1929.

Slater, Ernest, comp.
 Pitman's technical dictionary of engineer-
 ing and industrial science in seven langu-
 ages--English, French, Spanish, Italian,
 Portuguese, Russian, and German. Lond.
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Times encyclopedia and gazetteer. Ed. by
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(Vol. 9, looseleaf extension service).

Whitaker's Almanack. 1929-1930, l932-
 1937. Lond. 8 vols.  ISH-A26

World (the) almanac and book of facts for
 1930. Ed. by Robert Hunt Lyman. 45. year
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Writers' (the) and artists' year book. 1926.
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---- Miniature French-English dictio-
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---- Miniature French-English & Eng-
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 French-English and English-French dic-
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 phrases, and abbreviations used in finance,
 banking, currency, foreign exchange and
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New pocket dictionary of the Spanish and
 English languages. Lond. (E. F. G. ser.)

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 Engelsk-svensk och svensk-engelsk nautisk
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 A dictionary of Latin and Greek quotations,
 proverbs, maxims and mottos. Lond. 1914.
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 Thesaurus of English words and phrases
 classified and arranged so as to facilitate
 the expression of ideas and assist in literary
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 from the author's notes and with a full in-
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 An intermediate Japanese-English dictio-
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Sanseido's College Japanese-English dictio-
 nary. Tokyo. Syowa 4.  ISH-A42

---- Encyclopaedic English-Japanese
 dictionary. 8. ed. Tokyo. Syowa 3.

---- New concise English Japanese
 dictionary. 28. ed. Tokyo. Syowa 5.

---- New English-Japanese dictionary.
 By N. Kanda, &c. 3. ed. Tokyo. Meizi 45.

Shorter (the) 0xford English dictionary of
 historical principles. Prepared by William
 Little, &c. Rev. and ed. by C. T. Onions.
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Slang (the) dictionary, etymological, histori-
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 The home book of quotations, classical and
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 A concise etymological dictionary of modern
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 Kansu betu mokuroku, Naiti syozai bun
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時事年鑑 昭和一三年版 同盟通信社編
 東 昭和一二 洋 大  ISH-A69

辭苑 新村出編 東 昭和一〇洋
 中  ISH-A70

學生自習漢和字典 國語漢文調査會編 訂正五版
 東 大正二 洋 小

(新修)漢和大字典 小柳司気太編 一三五版
 東 昭和一〇 洋 小  ISH-A72

趣味常識 故事と成語 海野昌平編 東 昭和一一 洋
 小  ISH-A73