Duplication and use of library materials

Photocopying materials

  • People belonging to university or research institutes can obtain photocopies through the inter-library loan service. Please ask your institute library for details.
  • You can also request photocopies through public libraries, who will give you the necessary details.
  • If you can't use either of these services, please fill in the following application form and send it to our library.
  • Application form for photocopying
    • Payments are made by bank transfer in advance only.
    • We may turn down requests depending on the situation.
    • It may take 2-3 weeks to process a request.

Taking photos of materials

  • You can take photos of materials which are not suitable for electronic copying (including microforms) as long as the purpose of duplication is research and you do not plan to reuse the materials.
  • Fill in the following application form and contact our library in advance.
  • If you want to take photos of rare books, the following application form is also needed.

Publication of materials, etc.

  • Advance permission from our library is required for any secondary use of materials in our holdings, such as the following:
    • Publication
    • Reprinting
    • Broadcasting (including re-airing)
    • Exhibition by duplication
    • Other secondary uses
  • Requirements for taking photos and publication of materials
    • Please take photos in the designated area in the presence of staff.
    • Please follow the instructions of the staff if there is a risk of damage to the materials.
    • You must take responsibility for any rights of publicity and copyright.
    • Do not use duplications except for the permitted purposes. If you want to use them for any other purposes, you are required to obtain permission again.
    • Please indicate in any publications that Hitotsubashi University Library holds the original.
    • Please contribute your publication to Hitotsubashi University Library, where it will be shelved for general use.
  • Fill in the following application form(s) and contact our library in advance.

Exhibition of materials

Use of contents published in HERMES-IR (Institutional Repository)

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